The Suprise Date

August 19, 2011 at 5:45 pm (dating) (, , , , , , , )

Usually when JS and I figure out a day to hang out suggestions are thrown out and we go from there.

I had suggested we go see Planet of the Apes the following week. He texted me back to let me know he was going on opening night with the boys. I was a lil bummed because I wanted to see it with him. So I told him that was my only suggestion and he needed to decide what we were going to do. He seemed excited by saying, I am the decider! We picked to go out that Friday. I asked him if I could be dressy or casual. He said let’s say casual. My first thought was we were going bowling. The last time we did that was in the first week we meet.  I was pretty excited about it. That day came and he confirmed the time and asked if I wanted to know the plan or to stay in the dark? I told him I want to stay in the dark as he knows I like surprises and asked if I was okay to wear small heels. He said yes and let me know we weren’t doing anything particularly exotic or unfamiliar or at all athletic. Dress/skirt/jeans, all acceptable attire.

My thought then was dinner a movie because I knew if we were ordering in he would have asked me what I want to eat. He showed up right on time and I asked him are we leaving or staying. He said, “We can leave” and we headed to the Galleria. The Galleria is a type of mall with stores, restaurants and the movie theater. When we got there he said we have a lot of time and asked if I wanted to go eat at Townhouse, a restaurant we had been to a few times before and love their drinks and food. We ate, took the leftovers to the car and headed back towards the movie theater. He said, “Well we are going to the Arclight to see a movie.” Once we got there we headed to the bar and ordered a drink. He then asked, “Do you want to know what the rest of the plan is?” I said “Sure”. He then told me we were going to the 21+ showing of Crazy Stupid Love. I was a little surprised he would want to see that movie. It has been getting great reviews so that might have been one of the reasons. (Oh and ladies another reason to see the movie is a very buff Ryan Gosling.)

We both laughed in the movie. He laughed so much his eyes were watering. After the movie we headed back to my place, where we had even more fun. We both feel asleep for a bit and then eventually he went back home. As he always does he texted me to let me know he got home safe. I texted back, “Had a really great time tonight” He responded, “Me too! Sweet dreams.”

And I did.



  1. abichica said,

    woooww!!! you guys had a great relationship.. it a pity to read your latest post that you broke the ” benefits” part of the relationship off.

    • ljmaggie said,

      Thank you. Yes it has been tough because that was his decision and not mine. Still trying to process it but glad him and I can still be friends and do things together. One of my friends said he might not know how to do a relationship thing. I don’t know. I’m just happy we can still be friends.

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