Born and raised in Wisconsin and the only girl of 4 children has made for an interesting upbringing. My working life started at 16 as a waitress and even thought I would own a restaurant one day.  After many years of restaurant work I decided to go back to school at 24.  Being one of the oldest living on campus was fun to watch everyone younger than me mature over time. Many people didn’t think I was 24 and thought I was the same age as them. It did have its advantages. During college I was able to intern in the music industry where my talent of writing surfaced. My senior year I decided I wanted to move to California.  I started working with an LA based band and eventually they moved me to Los Angeles. The band broke up right before I moved out here and the music industry goals soon died. I got married and a full-time job.  Right before our one year anniversary my husband and I separated. He moved and I was left in LA with a few friends and a one bedroom apartment.

Since the divorce I have had a number of interesting dates and met some interesting people. I have since upgraded to a two-bedroom apartment with a roommate and continued my writing. My dating life has provided some good material. I also write about sports and the entertainment industry. I have contributed to www.lisasteadman.com and www.ideasgoalsanddreams.com. You can also find me at www.myspace.com/authorljmaggie.

Currently I am working on my first novel based on my dating experiences.

Leave a message and let me know what you think.


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