The Good, The Bad and The Interesting

January 31, 2012 at 5:24 pm (dating) (, , , , )

When I started this blog it was not long after a bad relationship. The person had tore me down lower than I ever thought possible. Since then I have been on good dates and some really bad dates.

A couple of weeks ago I had a bad, an interesting and a good date. Two of the dates are guys I started talking to from and the other was JS.

The first date was bad. The guy got to the outdoor mall we were meeting at a few minutes before I got there. When I arrived he hadn’t figured out a restaurant for us to go to. He did bring me purple lilies which was sweet and I told him. We decided on The Cheesecake Factory and the food was good. The conversation was okay. I could tell he was a bit nervous and well I wasn’t really that interested in him. After dinner we walked to our next stop, mini golf. As we were walking there he told me that he has been on the site for six months and I am the first who has agreed to go out with him. I started to feel a little bad for him but he kept saying it over and over and thanking me. I was getting turned off because he didn’t stop talking about it. We played mini golf and arcade games. Then on the way to my bus stop (yes I’m still without a car), he was saying again about how happy he was I agreed to go out with him. When I found out the bus I wanted to take was not leaving for another 15 minutes he said, “Good more precious time to spend with you”.  It was a just a little much for me after one date. Days later I sent him a message saying with everything going on with my family I am not up for dating.

The second date of the week was POF guy number two, the interesting date. We met up at a bar/restaurant. We sat at the bar, ordered beer and food and talked. He was a nice guy, good looking and likes sports. Already things were going good until the check came. He told the bartender to run the card he gave her when we sat down. She ran it and then asked him if he had a different card. He was embarrased and started to check his bank balance on his phone. After scrolling through his phone he showed me that he didn’t have enough to pay the bill. REALLY? How do you not know how much money you have in your account? He then said he remembered he bought gas earlier. Again REALLY? So then we had to split the check but he insisted on paying the tip. I was not happy. He kept apologizing and telling me he wants to make it up to me. We walked around a bit and then there was the kiss. It wasn’t one of those where the moment was there and it happened. It was us walking next to each other, we stopped and he pulled me towards him. It was a little awkward. I let him drive me home and we kissed again. Still a little awkward.

The third date was dinner and a movie with JS. So I guess it isn’t really wasn’t a date since JS and I are just friends, but it was the best one of the week. And when he drove me home, he gave me a hug and a quick kiss on the lips. The kiss threw me off because we haven’t even been close to doing that in months.


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Frustration and First Dates

August 17, 2010 at 7:03 am (dating, life) (, , , , , , , )

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A lot has been going on and not even sure where to start. The easiest is to say that very recently RC has been well pissing me off. As hard as I try to make plans with him, I still haven’t seen him in over a month. It is excuse after excuse and he tells me, “I’m not trying to be mean”. He tells me he wants a day to himself, he is stressed out, he is tired or he has plans with other friends. And yes he has been traveling for work quite a bit but a couple of weeks ago I tried to make plans and he said he couldn’t but next week for sure. Well the next week came and went and again I got the “I want a day to myself” reason. I am a pretty understanding person but we are all going through our own things right now. I am stressed too. I am tired sometimes too but really? He isn’t to tired to hang out with his other friends, just me. So yes I feel like low man on the totem pole. I have decided that I am going to stop making the effort. I am there for him when he is going through a tough time and I don’t get the same respect. I am not sure if he reads this or not but if he does I hope he understands my frustration. He said he wanted to still be friends and not have anything awkward between us, well it doesn’t even feel like he still wants to be friends. He is gone again for a couple of weeks and I am no longer reaching out.

But the good news is I had a first date this past weekend with someone I have been communicating with on Yes Chemistry finally found a good match for me. We have been talking for a few weeks and finally our schedules matched up to meet. We met up on a Saturday and headed to Dave and Busters. For those of you that don’t know what it is, it is a restaurant/bar that has video and arcade games. It is family friendly but you see more adults in there than kids. We ate, then went to a movie then went back to the restaurant to play games. The whole date I was able to be myself and act like a kid and he was right there with me. I had so much fun and the conversation just flowed the entire time. After we were done playing games we just walked the mall area and he let me walk into any stores I wanted to. I told him he could stop and go into any stores he wanted to, but said “The day is all about you”. It was strange to have someone be so nice and wanting to make me happy. We spent 7 hours together. Yes I said 7 hours. It was such a great date and yes I did get a goodnight hug and kiss. Today we talked and even set up a second date. It won’t be for a couple of weeks, just because of his schedule, but I told him I am a pretty understanding person. And I can tell he appreciates it.

Talking about people who appreciate my understanding of their schedule, I saw M today. He called because he is back in town for a couple of days to work and then he flies out again, back to the location he has been at since most of the summer.

This is just a fun song and well I am in such a good mood today it is perfect for me.

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