You know its good when…

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…you can’t walk the next day. (Warning- this post is for adult eyes only!)

M and I had made plans to see each other on Wednesday for an early celebration of our favorite holiday, Cinco de Mayo, and also to see each other before he leaves for the next nine to ten months. We hadn’t seen each other since right after I was in the hospital and since we wouldn’t be seeing each other for the rest of the year, I knew it would be an afternoon of mixed emotions. I was feeling sad on my way there because I knew I wouldn’t see him for a while. When I saw him he had a huge smile on his face. We settled in a booth in the back, ordered our usual of margaritas and the combo fajita plate, and talked. We talked mostly about his work and then it switched to us. He told me how much he appreciates me and our friendship. He thanked me for being so understanding of his crazy schedule and always being so good to him. When he said that I thought he was going to tell me he didn’t want to see me anymore. So I told him of course I understand we have known each other for six years and if at any point I didn’t like it anymore I could have walked away.  I told him he has been a good friend too because he has seen me through some highs and lows and always listens to me when I need it. Then he told me that he thinks about me all the time. He also told me he didn’t take the job where he would be gone for the rest of the year. Instead he took one where he would only be gone for a few months and would be coming back and forth. I was one happy girl.

Then I told him I have been reading Fifty Shades of Grey. He said he has heard of it but wanted to know what it is about. I told him the story and about the relationship the two main characters have. His eyes lit up a bit. Then he started talking about different things he wants to experience with me. While we were waiting for the check he grabbed my arms and started putting his hands under the sleeves of my sweater and rubbing my arms. He was getting antsy to leave. After what seemed like forever we got our check, paid and left.

We walked next door to the hotel that has become so familiar to us. When we walked in the room, it was nothing like it had been before. He grabbed me, pulled me close and started kissing me. He wouldn’t let me go.  He apologized for being so aggressive and I told him he doesn’t have to apologize I like it. He said he is obsessed with me, in a good way of course. After what seemed like 10 minutes of making out, he let me escape to the bathroom for a minute while he poured us shots of tequila. I came out in nothing but my sweater, lacy boy short and heels. He liked what he saw, got undressed and pulled me into bed.  He continued kissing me and eventually everything but my heels were off. He pulled me on top of him and made sure I enjoyed every minute. He told me this has been building up for years. It is always good with him but something inside of him lit up because the sex was even more intense than ever. It was the best five hours ever (this of course includes our lunch and the nap we took).

Then it was time for him to leave, I gave him a hug and kiss and he was off until the next time. I went home with a smile on my face, replaying the afternoon in my head.

Thursday morning I woke up sore from the neck down and I think I pulled a muscle. Oh yes it was that good.


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It was a HOT night!

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This post is rated R. For those of you under the age of 18 or don’t like posts about sex, please look away.

It was a HOT night last night and I am not talking about the weather in Los Angeles.

JS came over last night and we had planed to have breakfast for dinner. I was going to make sausage and cheese omelettes and biscuits (the ones out of a can). I also decided to cut up some strawberries to put on the plate to make it fancy. I told him earlier in the day I was having a rough day and needed some mixers for the alcohol I had at home. And he did bring mixers, he went on a mini shopping spree at BevMo.

When he came over he asked about my rough day and then we decided on what drinks he was going to make. We decided on kamikazes and to make them a double. Once dinner was ready we decided to watch a movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which he hasn’t seen. Once we finished our first drinks, he made us another, this time it was 1.5 shots, still very good.

After the movie was over, we started making out. He eventually took my clothes off and was kissing all over my body as I straddled him on the couch. I eventually unbuttoned his shirt to expose his sexy chest. We were putting our hands in each other’s hair. Eventually we started making our way to the bed. He took his clothes and bent me over my bed and then crawled on my back and did things to me he has never done before. His mouth was all over my body. I had to grab a pillow to scream in so I wasn’t to loud to disturb the neighbors. Even when he kissed me it was different. He had this look in his eyes he hasn’t had before, and it was a good one. After he was done pleasing me he laid on his back and I started to return the favor.

Eventually I suggested the shower, something we both enjoy and we did. He even gave me a back massage in the shower.  After our long, sexy shower we made our way back to the bed. He laid on his back and I took an ice-cube and started to rub it over his body. Then I continued to please him with my mouth. After he was pleased we cuddled next to each other and fell asleep for a bit. After we woke up we got dressed and he left. He let me know when he got home safe and I told him thank him for everything and I had an amazing time.

Last night I went to bed with a big smile on my face. And this morning I woke up with sore legs.

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Captain America and the ice cube

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I headed home for a few days last week. I went back for my nephew’s baptism and a friend’s wedding. It was great spending time with everyone and just getting away from it all for a bit.

A couple of days before I left JS and I went to see Horrible Bosses which was hilarious. So funny in fact that the whole theater was laughing. Then the day I was leaving JS sent me a text telling me to have a safe trip. I asked him if he had any requests of things to bring back and he just wanted a shirt. We planned to see each other for the opening night of Captain America. We are both fans of The Avengers movies so it was the perfect date. At the theater we had a couple of drinks and headed to the movie. The movie was amazing. And for those of you that aren’t familiar with any of the Avenger superhero movies, I recommend you stay and wait for the credits to end because you will see a trailer for the much-anticipated The Avengers movie coming out next May.

Once we got back to my place we both got a glass of water and started to kiss. I pulled my face away at one point because my hair was in my face and he said, “Hey get back here”. As we continued to make out we eventually moved towards my bed. I could tell that he missed me. Then I had to tell him that there wasn’t much I could do. (Yes my body decided that morning to play a cruel joke on me, it couldn’t wait a day.) He did make sure that he turned me on. He is very good with his hands and mouth. At one point he rolled over to his side and reached for his glass of water. I thought he was just going to take a drink but instead he took an ice-cube out and started rub it over my chest very slowly. Since my body was already super sensitive this was a huge turn on. In fact there were a few spots on my body that were extremely sensitive that night. He made sure he went very slowly with the ice-cube and rubbed it on every inch of my chest. After he had made sure I enjoyed myself, I made sure I took care of him.

We both ended the night with a smile on our face.

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Interesting sex experiences

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I was recently asked by to write a guest post about an awkward and embarrassing sexual experience. Since living in LA I have had a couple of them. I chose to write about one I had with The Italian. Click below to read my guest post. I also love the image they included in the post.

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Holidays and Dating

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It is Christmas Eve and I am sitting at home doing a Redbox movie marathon and ION television is doing a Criminal Minds marathon starting at 3pm. (Spending the afternoon with my chocolate boyfriend Shemar Moore. He came in all the time where I used to work and is the nicest guy.)

No I am not spending the holidays with the new man. I didn’t really force the issue since he seems like someone who like me needs to take things slow. Next week we will have been dating three months and at times it has been hard for me to get used to his schedule and him just wanting to relax at home by himself. My mom said “You are used to M’s schedule so why aren’t you okay with the man’s schedule”. My response to her was, “That is because I know nothing more is going to happen with M, this new man there is a possibility of something more”. This past Monday we celebrated his birthday (his birthday is Christmas day). I went all out baking a cake, getting his presents and also the champagne he wanted. I gave him his gifts and since they were a popular tv show we popped them into the DVD player and enjoyed the evening. And again like the week before things were even more passionate than they had been before. Things were different in a good way and I had a feeling it was the night we would hit a home run and we did. It was sort of like the episode of Sex and the City when Carrie and Berger did it for the first time. After though he sat up, asked for one of the chocolate chip cookies I made and had me sit in front of him and put his arms around me and pulled me close to him. It was a very good night despite the lil bit of awkwardness.

We had talked about possibly doing something last night but late in the afternoon he told me he had been sleeping in all day and wanted to relax before his two days of socializing. I was a lil upset because I was looking forward to seeing him but then he sent me a message saying some items from my Amazon wish list would be coming Monday. Who knows maybe he felt bad that he hadn’t gotten me anything yet and didn’t want to upset me. I am trying very hard to not look at what he bought me and patiently waiting for Monday to come.

Even though I am not doing anything today, my family will be calling me later while they celebrate the holiday at my older brother’s house. Since my little brother won’t be getting my nephew until later tonight they will be celebrating tomorrow with my parents and will be calling me and hopefully through Skype. I am also going to a friend’s house tomorrow for dinner. So I won’t be totally alone for the holiday. I am upset though that the Christmas Football game will be on the NFL Network and that CBS won’t be showing my Patriots game on Sunday.

Hope everyone has a great holiday!

One of my favorite holiday songs

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In Limbo

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Though good things have been going good for me lately, I still feel a bit in limbo. I am launching my writing consulting business and slowly starting to get clients, which I love because I love helping writers. I have also decided to incorporate my writing services into helping small business owners as well. I am still trying to get into the swing of my new schedule with the part time job and the business. It is coming together.

Then there is the new guy. We have been dating for a little over two months and I still really like him and I can tell he likes me because he did come out to support me when I did the Gladiator course last Saturday, even though he got there after I was done. He told me he got lost. I couldn’t be too upset because he still did come, buy me a beer and when I was short on money to buy a shirt I wanted, he pulled out his wallet and gave me the cash I was short. (They only took cash.) But after the great dates and him supporting me, I still don’t know what is going on. I know he is attracted to me, and he continues to make dates with me, but there hasn’t been that discussion yet. And even though we have been intimate with each other we haven’t exactly hit that home run yet. And it is not due to me not wanting to because I do but it is because it seems he doesn’t. I did do a couple of things to let him know I am ready but I don’t want to push it. A couple of people in my life including guy friends told me it might be because he takes it very seriously and thinks of it as a commitment thing. Which I completely respect and I would like to ask him about it but my guy friends tell me not to because then he might feel pressured. So I don’t say anything. I do tell him that I like spending time with him and he tells me the same but as for feelings I don’t say anything because of my past relationships and fear that I might push him away.

He is not like any other guy I have dated, he is nice, makes plans to see me and supports me. It is a new thing and I don’t want it to go away. Don’t know what to.

“So afraid to take a chance again
So afraid of what I feel inside”

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The Shallow Hal Syndrome

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As a plus size girl dating in Los Angeles, I am amazed by some of the guys out here and their expectations. I had started talking to a guy once online and when I sent him a picture, he said, “For you to find a boyfriend out here, you need to wear a shorter skirt and dye your hair platinum blonde”.  Umm yeah. I told him my skirt in that picture is short enough and one time my hair was platinum blonde on accident and it didn’t look good.

I have met a few guys that think I am really cool and fun to talk to but well.. they don’t want anything more than just a friendship or sex. They don’t want me as a girlfriend. Since being back on I have come across some interesting profiles. They send me matches of these guys that aren’t looking for someone with a curvy body. Some of the guys that are looking for that athletic/toned or slender woman I can understand. But some of the guys, I think, REALLY? Like this one guy who is 33 and describes his body type as a few extra pounds. He is looking for a woman who is 25-40 that has a slender, about average, athletic/toned body. SERIOUSLY??? Some of these guys, especially in LA have this unrealistic expectation that they will end up with hot woman like is portrayed in movies and tv shows. Think; King of Queens, Shallow Hal, Knocked Up, According to Jim, Still Standing and many animated shows.

My blog and the novel I am working on is based on the superficial guys I have met since dating out here in Los Angeles.

I know a couple of guys like this. No I am not going to name any names but they have this expectation of a certain woman and then feel down when that hot chick rejects them. The thing is they are great guys, it is just the type of woman they want is not attracted to them. And well not rich enough for that type of woman.

I don’t deny we all have expectations of what we want our partner to look like and I understand that. And yes I want to be attracted to the person I am with. And I am confident in my body but I am also realistic.

Just listen to the Millionaire Matchmaker

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The Nook

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The term ‘The nook’ became popular during an episode of Sex and the City. Big calls Carrie when she is bed with Aiden. After that she tries to get into his nook and he pulls away. Then at the end of the episode she finds her way back to his nook.

I love being in the nook. I like many women, feel safe in the nook. No matter what your day or week has been like, being in the nook takes all of those stresses away. I have been in the nook with others, but I love being in M’s nook. I guess it is because I don’t get to be so often. When I saw him Thursday he told me that he is going to have to leave again for a couple of months very soon. He is only back in town to get things going here so he can be gone on location again. So this time I made sure I stayed in his nook as long as I could. When it is time to take our midsex nap, M stretches out his arm and I lay my head down on his chest and he wraps his arm around me to pull me closer until I am in his nook. When I am there I just fall asleep and know that everything is going to be okay. If I even try to get up M pulls me in closer because he doesn’t want me to leave. Just like I never want him to leave.

Don’t get me wrong I like being in the nook with others, like RC but with M it is different. With RC I am in his nook while we are watching TV and before we have our ‘fun’. After we have our ‘fun’, he never pulls me back into his nook. He actually moves to his side of the bed. With M before or after he always pulls me into his nook, and I feel even closer to him.

So Ladies, enjoy your time in your man’s nook. And to the men out there, pull your lady into your nook, it will bring you two even closer.

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I’m a Fighter

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Even though I was having a great time hanging out alone this Holiday weekend, the night of the 4th I was feeling a little bit lonely. Since I don’t have any close friends out here like I do back home, it is hard at times. I couldn’t even see any fireworks from my house, though I could hear them.  I did actually email the no longer crush looking for fun before he leaves but haven’t heard back from him which I now realize is a good thing. I am actually going to see him at his work tomorrow, (he is an entertainer). There is actually another entertainer there that I know as well so it won’t be too weird that I am going. I am just going to go, watch the show, say Hi to him quick and then leave. My guy friends are awesome and have been giving me lots of advice and my one guy friend told me just to give him more space then he needs, which is exactly what I am going to do. I am secretly happy that he will be traveling for work on and off for the next few weeks.

And since I am a woman with needs and well no longer going to fulfill those needs with the no longer crush (don’t worry I am brainstorming a different name for him), I have two others that help me, M and JB (my crush from last year). JB has been gone for the past four months in Europe, traveling and well looking for a bride. I was worried about him looking for a woman over there because many times they take advantage of men from the states. Also since he has been gone, I didn’t feel I really wanted to see him once he got back. It wasn’t that I don’t want to be a part of his life, it is just well I thought things were going somewhere with the crush, and since they aren’t, I am throwing caution to the wind. JB and I have been emailing the past couple of days and I am looking forward to him coming back. Not sure if I will fulfill my needs with him but it will be good to catch up. We will see what happens in another week when he gets back to LA.

Was hard to pick a video for this post but thought this one said it all and I love Xtina.

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The pull

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The crush left a month ago for his mini vacation and work. When he left I knew it was good for me. I was going to focus on other things and get him out of my head for a bit. I didn’t contact him at all until after a week of being gone he sent me a message saying he so wishes he was home. Since then we have been emailing and texting when he has time. Since I will be gone when he gets back, we made plans to see each other the day after I get back. He wanted to see me the night I get back but I get back to late. We have been emailing about random things and today he said something in an email that threw me, “I miss you”.

The reason it threw me was because I was seeing M today. It has been nice because M and I have been seeing each other every couple of weeks. The last time I saw him I wasn’t sure I would see him again before I left but it worked out that I did. We met up to do an early  Cinco de Mayo celebration (our favorite holiday), of margaritas and fajitas. We caught up on the last couple of weeks and he told me that he is leaving within in the week for location for the summer.  I am used to it as this has been the norm since we met over four years ago. Not sure why this year it is harder. Maybe it is because we have been seeing each other more often.

Or it could be the fact that the crush threw me that curve ball.

After M and I finished our lunch we went next door to get to get intimate with each other. When we started kissing and  getting intimate, which was amazing as usual, that scene from Sex and The City popped into my head. (The one where Carrie is having flashbacks of her first night of her affair with Big. I was Carrie and M was Big.)  After several minutes of amazing sex, we took a break by taking a nap. I was able to sleep for a bit but those words from the crush creeped their way back into my head, “I miss you” and I couldn’t get rid of it. Then M started taking advantage of my body again but those words were still in my head as hard as I tried to forget them. When M and I were both finished we laid there for a bit. I could tell something was on his mind but he said everything was fine. I felt like he could read my mind. I kept kissing his body and then he said he had to go because he had to take care of some last minute work things. I didn’t want him to leave because I knew it would be the last time for two months. I made sure I kissed and hugged him a lot before he left. He told me he would call me when he gets back at the end of the summer when his job here starts up again.

We kissed goodbye one last time and we both were off. On my drive home I had the worst feeling in my stomach, in fact it is still there as I write this. I know I am not cheating on the crush because we haven’t even had the discussion about being something more than friends, but the words, “I miss you”, makes me think it will happen once I get back.

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